1) рост; увеличение; развитие
2) рост; выращивание (напр. кристалла)
3) прирост; увеличение

growth by decomposition reaction — выращивание методом разложения

growth by diffuse interface mechanism — рост по механизму размытой межфазной границы

growth by disproportionation — выращивание методом диспропорционирования

growth by exsolution — рост посредством выпадения преципитатов, экстрактивный рост

growth by flux evaporation — выращивание методом испарения расплава

growth by halide reduction — выращивание методом восстановления галогенидов

growth by irreversible reactions — выращивание методом необратимых реакций

growth by open-tube process — выращивание в проточной системе, выращивание методом открытой трубы

growth by polymorphic transition — выращивание методом полиморфного превращения

growth by reversible reactions — выращивание методом обратимых реакций

growth by screw dislocation mechanism — рост по механизму винтовых дислокаций

growth by sintering — выращивание методом спекания

growth by slow cooling — выращивание методом медленного охлаждения

growth by surface nucleation — рост по механизму двумерного зарождения

growth by temperature differential method — выращивание методом температурного перепада

growth from liquid solution — выращивание из жидкого раствора

growth from melt — выращивание из расплава

growth in horizontal boat — выращивание в горизонтальной лодочке

growth in open boat — выращивание в открытой лодочке, выращивание методом Чалмерса

- aqueous growth
- aqueous-solutlon growth
- arc-image growth
- boat growth
- cellular growth
- Chalmers' growth
- chemical reaction growth
- conservative crystal growth
- continuous grain growth
- controlled dendritic growth
- convection-limited growth
- crucibleless growth
- crystal growth
- crystal-pulling growth
- crystal-pushing growth
- Czochralski growth
- dendrite-ribbon growth
- dendrite-web growth
- dendritic growth
- diffusion-controlled growth
- diffusion-limited growth
- discontinuous grain growth
- domain growth
- electrochemical growth
- epitaxial film growth
- epitaxial growth
- epitaxial vacuum growth
- exaggerated grain growth
- facet growth
- fernlike growth
- flame-fusion growth
- flux growth
- fractal growth
- gaseous growth
- gaseous-phase growth
- gel growth
- grain growth
- growth of metastable phases
- growth of wave
- heteroepitaxial growth
- high-temperature growth
- homoepitaxial growth
- hopper growth
- horizontal Bridgman-Stockbarger growth
- hydrothermal growth
- ingot growth
- irreversible growth
- isotropic growth
- Kruger-Finke growth
- Kyropoulos growth
- layer growth
- liquid-metal solvent growth
- liquid-phase growth
- logistic growth
- low-temperature growth
- melt growth
- molten-salt growth
- monocomponent growth
- multiwafer film growth
- nonconservative growth
- normal grain growth
- oriented growth
- oxide growth
- pedestal growth
- poly growth
- preferential growth
- pseudomorphic growth
- rate growth
- rheotaxial growth
- seeded growth
- selective growth
- sheet growth
- single-crystal growth
- solid-liquid growth
- solid-solid growth
- solutioh growth
- spherulitic growth
- spiral growth
- sublimation-condensation growth
- thermal growth
- thermal-gradient growth
- transport-limited growth
- unintentional growth
- vapor growth
- vapor-liquid-solid growth
- vapor-phase growth
- vapor-solid growth
- Verneuil growth
- vertical Bridgman-Stockbarger growth
- V-L-S growth
- whisker growth
- zero-gravity crystal growth

The New English-Russian Dictionary of Radio-electronics. . 2005.

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